Starnet Data Design, Inc.

We’re in business to help mid-market enterprises, educational institutions and government entities maximize their investments in Information Technology solutions.  2015 marks our 28th year in business.
Our business proposition to customers, our Mission Statement, is to work towards establishing long-term professional relationships with customers defined by Service, Value and Integrity.  Our goal is to provide network technology solutions and support services that help customers build and maintain high-performance, scalable and stable networks on which to run their business.
We work with selected technologies that we feel deliver strong value propositions and those which we can support to a high degree.  We train and certify our engineers to become experts in supporting these technologies.
Most of Starnet’s employees are network engineers and we are staffed in that fashion because we believe the sale of a solution is only the beginning of our responsibility to our customer. Our focus is on insuring that any solutions we provide, or are hired to maintain, are optimized. That requires expert network engineering. To that end, one of our internal objectives is to insure our engineers are trained on the technologies we support and are given the right tools to insure they can do their jobs well.
We strive to help our customers Maximize Uptime and Optimize Performance by creating and offering services designed and customized for that purpose.  Our recently introduced StarWATCH service is our current offering which provides our customers both strategic and operational IT Efficiency Management opportunity. 
At Starnet, we believe in a high touch support model, and as such we concentrate on working only with customers within our local service areas of Southern California and Arizona.  If you or your enterprise is looking for a Technology Support Organization who you can trust to design, deliver, install and maintain high-performance IT networking solutions, give us a call.
We welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves.  
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Comprehensive Technology Offerings for the Mid Market Enterprise

IT Efficiency Solutions


Custom IT Efficiency solutions tailored for the Mid Market Enterprise.
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Network Services


Network service offerings to assess and optimize IT Environments.
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Technology Solutions


Technology solutions for the High-Performance, Secure and Scalable Network.
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StarWATCH is a blend of proactive high-touch network engineering services and processes, all delivered for the purpose of assisting our customers in keeping their networks up and operating at maximum efficiency. Customers covered by StarWATCH know that they are working with a Technology Partner who is proactively involved with their network while utilizing daily services and processes designed with the intent to ‘drive their IT Environment to operate at 100% Efficiency.’