Wireless network security for Westlake Village, CA

Best Practices for Wireless Network Security for Small or Mid-Sized Businesses – Part 1

Network Security

The advent of wireless networks has made access to the internet and corporate networks easier than ever. No more wires running everywhere and less hardware to worry about. But wireless networks create their own unique problems, and wireless network security is one of the biggest that needs to be addressed.

The following is the 1st in our multi-part series about the best practices for wireless network security for small to mid-sized businesses. We’re going to start with the simple steps for wireless network security.

Wireless network security for Westlake Village, CA

Use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2) to Secure Your Access Points

Most businesses now know that being able to access your company’s Wi-Fi without a password is foolish. But so is using outdated encryption standards such as WEP or WPA (v1). The best Wi-Fi encryption standard is WPA2 Enterprise–although WPA Personal works fine.

Use Strong Passwords

Now that you have excellent WPA2 protected access, don’t use the default password that came with the hardware. Generate a password with a good mix of lower and upper-case characters and symbols, and avoid any words that could be found in a dictionary. A good password is at least 10 characters long. The longer the better.

Change the SSID from the Default

If you can’t limit the range of your Wi-Fi broadcast, the next best thing you can do is to change the SSID from the default, pre-installed value out of the box. Typically, these default SSIDs identify the manufacturer of the model of the equipment you installed. This gives hackers a good place to start when attacking your network.

So, change the default SSID to something that makes it hard to identify as your network. Avoid using your company name, department name or anything else that can identify a wireless network as belonging to your business.

Check back again next month for part 2 in our multi-part blog series on the Best Practices for Wireless Network Security for Small or Mid-Sized Businesses.

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