Wireless network security for Phoenix, AZ

Best Practices for Wireless Network Security for Small or Mid-Sized Business – Part 2

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In part one of our series on the Best Practices for Wireless Network Security for Small or Mid-Sized Businesses, we discussed how practices such as using WPA2 to secure you access points, using strong passwords, and changing the SSID from the default value could keep your wireless network secure.

This installment covers three additional best practices to consider as part of your wireless network security plan for your business.

Set Up a Guest Wi-Fi Network

Sometimes visitors such as vendors or outside support people just need a way to get to the internet to connect to their webmail or research an issue. For these cases a guest Wi-Fi network is a quick and simple option to secure your sensitive, internal information from people outside of the company, while providing them with convenient internet access. Most enterprise Wi-Fi architectures offer a simple way for guest users access while walling them off from internal networks and resources.

Wireless network security for Phoenix, AZ

Turn Off Network Broadcast Feature on the Networking Hardware

Turning off the broadcast feature is an excellent way to limit attacks of opportunity. If a hacker can’t see a network, they won’t be tempted to try to gain access. Another closely related strategy to consider is the simply limit the strength of your Wi-Fi signal to the areas where it is needed. If you can keep the Wi-Fi signal within your building instead of broadcasting outside of it into the public realm, this will also limit the number of users tempted to hack in.

Limit Access via MAC Addresses

Although not foolproof, adding hardware MAC addresses of specific hardware into a database which is filtered via a firewall can do a good job of locking down a wireless network and preventing unauthorized devices and rogue access points on your network. A device’s MAC address needs to be added in order for it to have access.

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