Designing and Building High-Performance Networks
To Optimize Voice/Data/Video Convergence

Utilizing a single network for combining stateful connections (TCP) and real-time protocols (UDP) offers customers tremendous operational benefit. But supporting these different blends of traffic while maintaining performance, reliability and security is not a simple task.


Starnet has many years experience in engineering networks to support voice, data and video on a shared physical network. If your organization is considering new, or needs to optimize existing, we can assist.

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    Converged Network Assessment

    With our extensive experience in building and supporting high-performance VoIP and converged networks, Starnet can help you organize and assess the current state of your IT environment as well as determine if it is ready and/or optimized for converging data, voice, and video.

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    Converged Network Design

    We provide you with the information you need to make informed choices. Starnet Data Design prides itself on maintaining the requisite levels of expertise within our in-house engineering team to deliver wireless networking assessment services to meet the needs of our customers.

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    Converged Network Optimization

    Adding real-time, latency sensitive applications utilizing voice and/or video communications, involve considerations that often require re-architecting the existing network infrastructure.

Voice, Data & Video Not Playing Nicely Together On Your Network?

We can help assess and then recommend an appropriate resolution.