Starnet builds converged, secure, consolidated, fast and reliable networks designed for optimal efficiency.

We strive to be known for delivering service, value, and integrity. These principles have guided us as to how we work with our customers and our vendors. Concentrating on these 3 attributes has enabled us to withstand the many economic downturns we have seen during our 31 years in business and has enabled us to maintain many customer relationships for 15-20 years.
Our 4 largest manufacturer partners are Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Xirrus, and ShoreTel. We have a full line card and vendor page located here.
Any enterprise that needs to utilize a technology solution to remain competitive in their field but does not have the internal staff that can efficiently operate, maintain, and support the solution. For example, an enterprise may need to replace an aging unified communications system in exchange for modern features and efficient customer service.
StarWATCH is a service offering we have crafted to position Starnet to proactively help customers maximize the uptime while optimizing the performance of their IT environments. Over the years we have seen how many small-market and mid-market enterprises do not have the time or the inclination to properly care for their networks. As a result these networks slow down or go down, and usually at the most inopportune times, causing customers to lose operational efficiency, money and prestige. Our hypothesis is that a strategic and proactive focus on a network can help keep these networks optimized, over time the cost for proactive maintenance is much less than the cost associated with reacting to failures.

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