Network Access Control

If you manage an enterprise network its imperative in today’s world that you know, who’s on your network, what device they’re using, where are they going on the network and what are they are doing. In most cases it takes many tools to gather this information. With Intelligo Networks, it takes only one – The Intelligo Network Access Control Platform.

The IntelliGo Network Access Control Platform

The only solution in the industry that provides the following with a single platform and single license.

  • Connector.

    Agentless Visibility & Control

    Inbuilt network monitor, scanner and controller.

  • Connector.

    Endpoint Profiling & Compliance

    MultiOS real time auditing for compliance.

  • Connector.

    Guest Networking

    Automatically sponsor guests and contractors.

  • Connector.

    Certificate-Based Authentication

    Inbuilt CA, Onboarding and Authentication for networks.

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    Advanced Security Automation

    Optimize next generation security tools.

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    Vulnerability and IOC Detection

    Find known and zero day infections across the network.

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    Mobile Device Application Management

    Control, install, remove mobile apps. Remote wipe.

Protect The Network Against Unauthorized Access.

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