When It Has To Work…..Efficiently

Keeping complex, organically grown networks up and operating efficiently 24 x 7 is not a simple task. At Starnet we understand what it takes and how we can assist our customers in achieving this objective.

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    Maintaining Your Investment

    When the business finds the solution difficult to maintain or simply fails to focus on maintaining; these investments often go south. Over time, the performance and reliability of the solution degrades; leading to lost productivity and inefficiency.

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    Defining Previous Failures

    Considering an upfront Capex expense, combined with the natural erosion over time, the performance of the solution turns what was once a promising investment into an organization wide breakdown.

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    Eliminate Upfront Capital Expense

    By eliminating both upfront Capex outlays and previous failed maintenance; service efforts will no longer define the technology solution. We can design all Capex models into Opex with all maintenance services included; all for 1 monthly payment.

Our IT Efficiency Services Include

We’ve developed 3 services to help our customers drive their networks to 100% Efficiency.


StarWATCH® provides companies a methodology for managing their IT environments while maximizing network uptime and optimizing application performance.


In the context of StarWATCH®, we measure ‘Network Efficiency’ by baselining the network for 4 to 6 weeks while gathering network efficiency metrics reported by core networking components. From these metrics we apply our customized algorithms to provide an ongoing measurement index of efficiency.

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A major obstacle the modern CIO must overcome is Contract Management. After 28 years of managed service experience, Starnet has seen that most organizations do not have the time nor the inclination to focus on managing the equipment maintenance agreements on their core technology assets.


As a result, these maintenance contracts expire unnoticed; leaving the organizations at risk of prolonged network downtime due to service or product failure.

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Technology as a Service

Starnet’s Technology as a Service (TaaS) offering insures that customers maximize the return on their technology investments. Our TaaS offering serves to eliminate both upfront Capex outlays and degraded performance over time due to failed maintenance and service efforts.


We offer TaaS as a 2 year rent-to-own procurement vehicle, during which we perform all required maintenance activities and insure that your business maximizes it’s return on all technology investments.

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