Get an Expert Consultation for Your Network Relocation

An IT relocation project is big. Maybe you have an IT professional or two on staff, or you outsource your break/fix work to a contractor, but can they handle a massive relocation? The average IT professional does not have experience with this type of project. At Starnet Data Design, we have the IT relocation experience that you are looking for. Our Relocation CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) can step in and work with your IT professionals to assure a smooth relocation.

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    Relocation CTO Services

    Our Relocation CTOs are more than typical IT professionals. They are relocation project managers who work with you and your IT teams to assess your new facilities, make decisions on IT needs, and assure a smooth transition to the new location with little or no downtime.

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    Strategic IT Services

    Our IT CTOs think strategically to help identify and mitigate issues BEFORE they become critical work-stoppage issues that impact your bottom line. Some of the services they provide include:
    • Technology Refresh Consulting
    • Network Designs and Upgrades
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Establishing or Improving Network Security

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    Technology Move Plan

    Our Relocation CTOs work with your construction people, building managers, and service providers to make sure that your new office properly supports your IT infrastructure. They review the plans, visit the new location, and talk to your IT folks to develop an in-depth Technology Move Plan to make sure that nothing is missed or forgotten.

Our IT Relocation Services Include

IT Relocation Consulting

Our IT Relocation Specialists understand the challenges associated with a relocation to a new building or location, as well as the opportunities to position your business for growth and improved efficiencies.

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Server/Data Center Relocation

We understand how important your servers/data centers are to your business and treat them with care. Our 29 years of experience breaking-down and setting up networks allows us to predict the issues you’ll experience during the move and mitigate them before they impact your business.

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Voice and Data Relocation Services

At Starnet Data Design, we understand that voice and data are the backbone of your operations. Whether you use standard phone service (POTS), a Voice over IP setup, or a robust Wi-Fi network capable of supporting Skype or video conferencing, our experts will transport it, set-it up, and configure it to meet your needs in your new location.

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Do You Need to Relocate? And Have No Idea Where to Begin?

A good first step is to reach out to one of our IT Relocation Consultants.