IT Relocation Consulting Preparation Checklist

IT Relocation Preparation Checklist –The Early Stages

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An IT relocation is a complex process with lots of working parts and handoffs to different groups and individuals both within and outside of your company. So get a jumpstart on this process by putting together an IT Relocation Preparation Checklist.

Have an IT Relocation Moving Plan

First of all, there needs to be a plan. An IT relocation is not like moving your desk and filing cabinet. Technology needs infrastructure in order to work properly, and that infrastructure needs to be planned, very early in the process, preferably before any construction begins at your new location. So, work with your IT group, the IT associated with the new location (if applicable), the construction/architects working on the relocation, and service providers (electrical, telecommunications, etc.) and come up with a detailed moving plan with a timeline.


IT Relocation Consulting Preparation Checklist

Assess IT Assets – Is It Time for a Technology Refresh?

An office relocation is the perfect time to take a look at your existing technology and assess if it is still meeting your needs. If not, assess your current needs and start pricing out options.

Back-Up All Data Offsite

When in doubt, make a back-up copy of it. It doesn’t matter if it is stored off-site or somewhere in the cloud. That way if something goes wrong–such as equipment gets lost or damaged during the move, and needs to be replaced–you have everything you need to restore the data and get things up and running again.

Know Where You Want Everything to Go

Part of the IT Relocation Plan is making sure that the infrastructure at your new location–electrical, network access, wireless access points, enough space to provide adequate access and cooling, etc.–meets your current needs with some excess for future growth. Work with the new location to make sure that all of these needs are taken care of.

Still Need Help? Hire an IT Relocation Consulting Specialist from Starnet

As you can tell, an IT relocation is a complex process that requires a lot of planning in order to assure success and minimize downtime. Most staff IT professionals only do this once or twice over the course of their career and learn the challenges and pitfalls in real-time. Consider hiring an IT Relocation Consulting Specialist to help guide your staff through the process. They know the typical problems and challenges that this type of project presents that a regular IT professional might overlook. Email us at, go to our Contacts page and complete our simple online contact form, or call us at 1-800-779-0585 to learn more.

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