Starnet is a Juniper Networks ‘Elite’ Partner

Juniper Networks believes the network is the single greatest vehicle for knowledge, understanding, and human advancement that the world has ever known. Now, more than ever, the world relies on high-performance networks; the world needs network innovation to unleash it’s full potential.


The network plays a central role in addressing the critical challenges we face as a global community. Consider the healthcare industry, where the network is the foundation for new models of mobile affordable care for underserved communities. Or the energy sector, where the network is helping to accelerate distribution of clean, renewable sources of energy. In education, the network continues to expand access to quality teaching resources so that people of every socioeconomic background have a chance to educate themselves and participate in the global economy.


At it’s core, the network has become a platform – one that transforms how we interact with our government institutions, conduct business on a daily basis, and connect with our family and friends.


Both, our Phoenix and California offices have knowledgeable, certified, and experienced Juniper Networks engineers to help build cloud-ready High-IQ Networks and enable companies to connect data to people, people to ideas, and ideas to business value.

Implement Your Network From The Ground Up

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    Software Defined Networking

    Gain business agility through network virtualization, orchestration, and automation.

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    Network Functions Virtualization

    Deliver new network services and capacity, on demand and in record time.

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    Next Generation Firewall

    Modernize your perimeter to run as part of the network-wide security ecosystem.

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    Build a backhaul network that’s easy to deploy and as manageable as it is scalable.

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    High-Speed Provider Edge

    Speed services delivery and sharpen your competitive advantage.

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    Data Center & Cloud

    Build a data center to fuel your business with public, private, and/or hybrid clouds.

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    Carrier Ethernet

    Converge Metro Ethernet, mobile backhaul, and other services for new efficiency.

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    Harvest high-value insights and intelligence from your network.

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    Cloud-Enabled Enterprise

    Make your network more scalable, secure, and flexible from campus to cloud.

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    Broadband Network Gateways

    Get performance and capabilities to improve service velocity.

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    Automation & Orchestration

    Boost productivity and operational efficiency while reducing risk factors.

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    Converged Supercore

    Lower OpEx, speed service velocity, and optimize traffic.

We’re A Juniper ELITE Partner

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