IT asset management in Los Angeles, CA from Starnet Data Design

Managing IT Costs with IT Asset Management – Part 1

IT Asset Management

What is IT Asset Management?

Quite simply IT asset management is the practice of managing your both your hardware and software IT assets from purchase to decommissioning and disposal. The hardware IT assets include workstations, monitors, servers, printers and any other related equipment, and software IT assets include software media, licenses and subscriptions.

IT Asset Management Allows You to Maximize Your IT Investments

IT hardware and software represent a significant expense for most businesses, and rapidly changing technology, and frequent software upgrades and updates can make it hard to determine if the dollars being spent are a good investment for your company. How does an IT asset management program help manage your IT costs?

IT asset management in Los Angeles, CA from Starnet Data Design

Saves Service and Support Charges

If the hardware you purchase is still under warranty, and the vendor is responsible for the repair and/or replacement of it. A lot of hardware also includes some form of tech support during the warranty period, reducing (or eliminating) the need to use your own IT resources to troubleshoot, repair or address the issues. For software issues, the vendors are often more aware of specific bugs, conflicts and problems encountered while using their applications, and are better equipped to handle them than your own IT support staff.

Optimizes Use of Existing IT Assets

A solid IT asset management program helps determine when hardware in the field is ready to be replaced, assuring that your employees have the most efficient tools to complete their jobs, spend less time dealing with slowdowns due to slower processing power, insufficient RAM or longer response times due to servers that are at (or over) capacity.

A good IT asset tracking system allows you to re-deploy assets that might not be fast or efficient enough for one department, but provide more than enough processing power for another. Site licenses for software can assure that applications are used where they are needed most and not installed when they are not.

This ends part 1 of Managing IT Costs with IT Asset Management, please return next month for part 2.

Ready to Save Money with an IT Asset Management Program?

Contact Starnet Data Design for details about our IT asset management services. Through the use of the StarWATCH® methodology we can determine your network efficiency. Through StarTRACK we can manage the maintenance contracts on your IT assets. Our IT asset management specialists are standing by to answer your questions. Simply go to our Contacts page and complete our simple online contact form, or call us at 1-800-779-0585 to get started.

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