IT asset management for Phoenix, AZ

Managing IT Costs with IT Asset Management – Part 2

IT Asset Management

In part one of our series on Managing IT Costs with IT Asset Management, we discussed how IT asset management allows you to maximize your IT investments, save on service and support costs and optimize the use of existing assets.

This installment covers three additional best practices to consider to help manage costs with IT asset management.

Reduces Security and Compliance Issues

An IT asset management program reduces security and compliance issues because there is a standard template for hardware and software purchases. This program allows IT to have more control over the purchases and make sure that both the hardware, and especially the software, receive regular security updates and fixes. This reduces risk of security vulnerabilities because IT is aware of what equipment and software they have, and can apply updates and patches before they become a serious security issue. An IT asset management program also can reduce or eliminate penalties from failing to adhere to compliance rules and regulations such as software site licenses.

IT asset management for Phoenix, AZ

Improves IT Support Staff Efficiency

Without an IT asset management program, departments or individuals may purchase hardware and software that the IT support staff is not familiar with or even completely unaware of, making troubleshooting a time-consuming process. With an IT asset management program, IT support can capture common issues and create a support system that provides quick and easy resolutions once an issue has be discovered and resolved, reducing duplication of effort on behalf of the IT support staff.

Reduces Capital IT Equipment Costs

If your IT asset management functions are centralized, you can get bigger discounts on large IT purchases. This also can make a lease program direct with vendors a possibility and allow your organization the ability to use the vendor’s support staff for troubleshooting, support and repairs while the equipment is still under warranty. A lease program that allows a periodic refresh of your IT assets, can make sure that you won’t have to worry about dealing with extra costs associated with support and repair for equipment that is no longer under warranty.

Are You Convinced That IT Asset Management Services Are Right for Your Business?

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