A Variety of Network Services To Help Customers Assess Then Address

IT customers today need service offerings from vendors to help them build and maintain high-performance networks. Not easy in today’s world of 24 x 7 uptime requirements and complex business enhancing solutions.

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    Assess The Network

    An important first-step in maintaining a healthy IT environment is to understand what’s currently happening. Making decisions for equipment purchases or services engagements without having valid and relevant information often lead to unsuccessful investments in time, effort, and money. Starnet possesses the tools and expertise to assess the health and performance of your network.

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    Identify Painpoints

    Identifying issues affecting uptime and performance can be tough to track down without the right processes and procedures.

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    Develop Solutions

    After assessing and analyzing, we offer our customers services and technologies designed to solve their problems and deliver maximized uptime and optimized performance.

Our Network Services Include

WAN Bandwidth Assessment

As the utilization of internet connections increase, performance and security become more critical to the overall efficiency of the enterprise. The need for organizations to provide robust internet performance and improve internet security is a continuing requisite in today’s evolving cloud-based IT world.


It’s important to have information on what’s currently taking place on the network. Starnet performs WAN bandwidth and security assessments using today’s most robust tools to help you take the most efficient course of action to improve performance and the security of your network.



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Wi-Fi Network Assessment

Wi-Fi technology is evolving at an ever increasing rate. Whether it be the expanding bandwidth capabilities of the client devices (802.11ac), the increase in content available, or the sheer number of devices in the environment requiring connectivity – ‘as-built’ wireless environments are struggling to keep pace.


If your Wi-Fi environment is not meeting your requirements and you need to determine an appropriate course of action, Starnet can assess your Wi-Fi network to address design objectives for new or expanding wireless environments and to optimize wireless network performance.



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Converged Networks Design

New productivity-enhancing Unified Communications applications are everywhere. To operate properly, reliably, and securely, they must be installed on a network optimized for the convergence of stateful connection-based data communications and real-time voice and video communications.


Improperly configured networks can severely impact performance and compromise security. With our extensive experience in building and supporting high-performance VoIP and converged networks, Starnet can help you organize and assess the current state of your IT environment as well as determine if it is ready and/or optimized for converging data, voice, and video.

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Having An Issue On The Network You Can’t Quite Figure Out?

Let us help with one of our Network Services offerings.