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Compromised networks can be nothing short of devastating to an enterprise; yet network security solutions are expensive. We’ll work with you to develop a Network Security strategy that’s right-sized to your risk.

Previous and current stateful connection firewalls can no longer protect the enterprise from today’s advanced, sophisticated threats. The next generation firewall provides the enterprise:


  • Stateful inspection
  • Application awareness and filtering
  • User awareness and filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • URL filtering
  • Malware protection
  • Spyware protection
  • NAT
  • SSL decryption
  • VPN functionality



In today’s world, a ‘next generation firewall’ is the minimum perimeter defense technology every enterprise should invest in. Talk to us about Palo Alto Networks and Juniper Networks.

Despite the presence of network-based forward thinking security solutions, targeted phishing attacks against your organization’s end points pose a major security threat. The sensitive personal information and network information resident in your network is accessible from the outside from a compromised network-connected device. An important additional layer of security is a quality end point protection solution. Talk to us about Palo Alto TRAPS.
With so many mobile devices connecting to the enterprise network today and with all those mobile devices being potential attack vectors, it’s critical to have mobile device visibility and management.


Being able to control what apps can be installed on devices, being able to containerize company from personal information on mobile devices and being able to wipe mobile devices if they are lost or stolen are all necessary security capabilities in today’s mobile networking-centric world. Talk to us about IntelliGo Networks.

Today, most network threats emanate from inside the network. Perimeter defenses are helpless in defending the network from threats posed by unknown or compromised devices connecting to the network from within. A full featured Network Access Control solution will compliment the next generation perimeter firewall in providing your organization the combination of an outside-inside security defense.


With the onslaught of ubiquitous wireless connectivity and the trends of organizations issuing company owned mobile devices combined with the trend of BYOD and allowing users to use their personal devices to access enterprise networks and information, is putting additional strain on securing the network.


A robust Network Access Control solution is important in securing the network given the presence of both known and unknown mobile devices connecting. Talk to us about Intelligo Networks.

End point protection solutions will go a long way towards protecting your network against ransomware and unauthorized uses of your data by trusted employees with benign or malicious intent. Taking regular snapshots of your unstructured data and conducting continuous analytics of the Who, What, When, Where and Why of data access adds another layer to a comprehensive network security strategy.
An alternative defense strategy for enterprise networks is to create a ‘proxy’ layer between internal devices and the internet. Rather than investing in many expensive solutions securing all the ingress points of the network, an alternate (or complimentary) strategy is securing the egress of the network by having all devices connect to the internet via a Security Gateway or ‘proxy’.


Proxy solutions can be inside the network or cloud-based and offer customers highly granular control of what users can do on the internet. Talk to us about Blue Coat Systems.

Most perimeter defense systems are blind to over half of all internet traffic coming into their organization. The reason being most traffic on the internet today is encrypted. And rest assured all those bad actors intent on compromising your network are aware and are adopting encryption techniques to shield their attacks.


For organizations to truly improve their security footprint they need to be decrypting SSL traffic. This solution requires not only decrypting the traffic for inspection and then re-encrypting to deliver to the end point, but also managing the SSL Certificate process to insure the integrity of the senders. Talk to us about Palo Alto Networks, IntelliGo Networks and Blue Coat Systems.

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