StarSCOPE – WAN Bandwidth/Security Assessment

The Problem: The lack of visibility of how your precious WAN bandwidth is being utilized by your internal users is posing both operational and security concerns.

Our StarSCOPETM assessment consists of four analysis phases:

  1. Determine what networks and/or applications need to be monitored
  2. Install and configure the StarSCOPETM security tool on the network and monitor for 1 week.
  3. Retrieval of the security tool and installation of the StarSCOPETM Layer 7 traffic monitoring tool. Monitor WAN bandwidth utilization for 1 week.
  4. Compile all data into deliverable report. Deliver and discuss findings.


Following the assessment period you will receive a WAN BANDWIDTH UTILIZATION Report compiled with the following information:

  1. What applications use most of the network bandwidth and to what degree?
  2. What is the overall utilization of your current internet connection?
  3. How much bandwidth is being consumed by recreational traffic?
  4. How much bandwidth is wasted on retransmissions?
  5. Are there opportunities for shaping bandwidth to bring usage into alignment with company business objectives?
  6. Who are the top users?
  7. Is application performance sluggish due to a sluggish network or an overloaded server?
  8. Are there any critical security loopholes associated with your organization’s web surfing habits that need to be mitigated and/or closed?
  9. Should WEB content filtering be introduced or should existing WEB content filtering be calibrated?