Starnet is a ‘Silver’ ShoreTel Champion Partner

ShoreTel Unified Communications solutions represent the industry’s most ‘brilliantly simple’ IP telephony technology. ShoreTel was the first to see how IP networking could replace traditional TDM voice switching applying distributed computing as an alternative to complex, resource-heavy IP business phone systems. Recently, ShoreTel redefined business communications again with an innovative new platform called ShoreTel Connect.


ShoreTel Connect is one platform built on a single software code base that allows companies the greatest flexibility in how they elect to design and deploy their business communications. Easily upgradeable and able to scale as your business grows, it can be deployed as an onsite system, in the cloud, or a hybrid combination of both. This gives organizations the utmost flexibility to find the communication solutions that meets their exact needs.


Over the past 8 years, Starnet has been a proud ShoreTel partner and has installed dozens of ShoreTel systems ranging in size from 10 users to 1,200 users. We believe your communications platform is the most critical application for your organization. We believe technology should enhance communications, making them transparent and natural. ShoreTel’s unique modular architecture allows organizations, regardless of their size, to acquire a large enterprise class solution and grow the system elegantly.

Unified Communications Made Easy

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    Freedom Of Choice

    With our new single platform, ShoreTel Connect, you can select to deploy our award-winning IP phone system onsite, in the cloud managed in our state of the art data center, or a hybrid combination of both. Either way, ShoreTel’s solutions are designed to scale, grow, and evolve as needed. Buy or subscribe to the business communication solutions you need today, with no risk to your original investment should your needs change tomorrow.

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    ShoreTel Infastructure

    ShoreTel’s modular architecture and N+1 redundancy gives your business the flexibility to deploy an IP telephony system in whatever configuration you desire. That means that your business can still operate normally, even if part of your network experiences an outage. That kind of security gives companies peace of mind.

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    Brilliantly Simple

    ShoreTel Connect has a new collaboration user interface that works the same whatever type of softphone, computer or tablet you have and whether you are connecting with other employees or with your partners and customers outside the company. Designed to be intuitive users can easily escalate a conversation from IM to a call to an online meeting to a web desktop share with video.

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    End-To-End Integration

    ShoreTel is the only “all-in-one” premium communications provider who delivers and integrates ShoreTel phones, the ShoreTel-owned network operations center, the ShoreTel Connect software and applications, and a world-class customer service center. And when your ShoreTel solution is integrated with your business critical applications, processes, and workflows (like ERP and CRM) you have faster access to corporate data, greater business insight and can.

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    Industry Leading

    Don’t just take our word for it. Independent experts consistently give us high marks for our customer satisfaction, loyalty, and value; for the lowest TCO; and for our channel partner programs. We are proud that our solutions and world-class customer service consistently receive industry awards and accolades for performance and innovation.

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    Moving Forward

    ShoreTel Connect removes the barriers and complexity common with other providers’ myriad platforms for cloud and premises solutions — whether you are seeking to replace an old phone system, add new office sites or branches, upgrade to unified communications, or modernize your contact center. With fewer resources tied up in deploying troubleshooting, managing, and training around a phone system, your teams are freed to work on the real task at hand, moving the business forward.

We’ve Been Installing and Supporting IPO-Based Voice Solutions Since 1999.

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