Support For All Name Brand Information Technologies

StarTRACK is a contract maintenance platform and supports all major top global information technology manufactures.

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    Asset Management

    Most organizations neither have the time nor the inclination to focus on managing the equipment maintenance contracts on their core technology assets. The StarTRACK solution brings all your pertinent data together under one roof.

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    Reliable Cost Accounting

    Whether you require an annual or quarterly budget forecasting report, we’ll supply an effective cost control tool based on accurate and pertinent information.

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    Contract Maintenance

    Contract management solutions provide real time peace of mind. Even if maintenance contracts are managed diligently, there is a huge potential for cost savings and operational efficiency in co-terminating all contracts on a single start date.

Having Trouble Keeping Track of All Your Network Equipment Support Contracts?

We can help manage all this information and co-term for budget efficiency.

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