StarWATCH®, a Network Efficiency as a Service (NEaaS) model for the mid-market enterprise, is a blend of proactive, high-touch network engineering services and processes; all delivered for the purpose of assisting our customers in keeping their networks up and operating at maximum efficiency.


Customers covered by StarWATCH® know that they are working with a technology partner who is proactively involved with their network while utilizing daily services and processes designed with the intent to ‘drive their IT Environment to operate at 100% efficiency.’

Maximize Uptime – Optimize Performance

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    Network Efficiency Reporting

    The NEI is designed to provide IT management personnel with a report of how efficient their IT environment performed the preceding week.

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    Critical Device Maintenance

    Our engineering team insures that the devices critical to the efficiency of your IT environment are in an optimized operating state.

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    IT Metrics Baselining

    With this data we can make informed judgments on monitoring and measuring the efficiency of the StarWATCH® customer’s IT environment.

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    Staff Augmentation

    In the event of a temporary staffing emergency, we can assist in filling the gaps with very capable engineers already familiar with your network.

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    Critical Metrics Monitoring

    After StarWATCH® establishes your efficiency baselines, we selectively monitor critical metrics.

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    Network Efficiency Tracking

    If the corrective action will be disruptive, we alert you while taking the most appropriate action.

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    Critical Device Management

    We review your configurations to insure they are optimized. We also take responsibility for basic configuration changes.

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    Local Hands-On Engineering

    Under StarWATCH®, we get hands on with your network. Every StarWATCH customer is assigned 2 Starnet engineers.

Starnet’s Technology Solution Partners

Starnet’s StarWATCH® Network Efficiency as a Service model supports up to 100 of the top global information technology manufactures.


Need To Improve Uptime and The Performance of Your Network?

Let us help you drive your network to 100% Efficiency.