Technology as a Service (TaaS)

Starnet’s TaaS, a technology acquisition model designed to increase operational efficiency while preserving capital investment, insures customers maximize the return on their technology investments. Our TaaS offering serves to eliminate both upfront Capex outlays and degraded performance over time, due to failed maintenance and service efforts.


We offer TaaS as a 2 year rent-to-own procurement vehicle. During the 2 year cycle, we perform all required maintenance activities; insuring that your business maximizes the return on it’s investment.

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    Rent To Own

    When the business finds the solution difficult to maintain or simply fails to focus on maintenance, these investments often go south. Over time, the performance and reliability of the solution degrade; leading to lost productivity and inefficiency.

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    Proactive Support Services Included

    Many businesses today are constantly seeking advanced, leading-edge technology solutions to help improve efficiency and maintain competitive advantages. Many enterprises struggle to maintain these solutions over time because of the service and support requirements these somewhat complex offerings require.

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    Maximize Return On Investment

    Considering the upfront Capex combined with erosion over time, a solution’s performance after the initial installation may turn what was once a promising investment into an unrecoverable disaster.

Need Technology But Also Need Predictable Performance and Expense?

Starnet TaaS delivers both.