Leave Your Data In Good Hands

Starnet offers all-in-one data protection for one reason – to help our customers reach past the fear of IT disruptions, annoyance at rigid single-point backup products, and technologies. We enable our customers to build trust in their IT infrastructure and re-discover the joy of creating data centers and services that are agile and innovative in responding to business needs.

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    Backup and Recovery

    Unitrends offers the most flexible and comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities in the industry, enabling your business to recover quickly from a wide range of events: from accidentally deleting a file to the entire loss of one or more of your facilities.

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    Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    True business continuity and disaster recovery requires certified assurance that applications will be recovered within a specific amount of time with guaranteed RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) and within the maximum tolerable data loss period with guaranteed RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives).

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    Gain the advantages of elasticity, agility, Opex pricing and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Unitrends Cloud is designed to exploit these storage alternatives in a much more optimal way, enabling IT organizations to easily incorporate cloud storage into their backup strategy, without compromise.

Unitrends Offers Customers A Strong Data Protection Value Proposition.

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