Supporting the Backbone of Your Business – Your Voice and Data Network

Your voice and data network is the backbone of your business; and as such it needs to be treated with care. Problems with these networks lead to downtime, reduced productivity and–worst of all–lost sales and unhappy clients. At Starnet Data Designs, we’ve been designing and configuring voice and data networks for close to 30 years, and know where the problem areas are and how to avoid them.

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    Voice and Data Analysis

    Our Voice and Data Relocation Experts examine your circuits and billing data to determine your specific needs. You might be paying for a standard phone service that is underused and a Voice over IP solution might be better and far less expensive. An in-depth voice and data analysis provides an almost immediate ROI by saving money and improving your efficiency.

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    Wi-Fi Assessment

    Networks are going wireless, and Wi-Fi is an increasingly important part of this technology. An expert Wi-Fi assessment helps determine the number of access points you need, as well as the best placement of those access points to assure that the signal is not blocked by metal, glass, or other impediments.

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    Integrated Video

    Part of your data plan must include video: In our online world, video conferencing is critical to business. Starnet Data Design understands the need for video and the technology behind it. Our Voice and Data Relocation Experts can equip your offices with video-capable phones, configure desktops with video conference capability, set up designated video conference areas within your office, and even install video surveillance equipment to protect your assets and employees.

Our IT Relocation Services Include

IT Relocation Consulting

Our IT Relocation Specialists understand the challenges associated with a relocation to a new building or location, as well as the opportunities to position your business for growth and improved efficiencies.

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Server/Data Center Relocation

We understand how important your servers/data centers are to your business and treat them with care. Our 29 years of experience breaking-down and setting up networks allows us to predict the issues you’ll experience during the move and mitigate them before they impact your business.

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Voice and Data Relocation Services

At Starnet Data Design, we understand that voice and data are the backbone of your operations. Whether you use standard phone service (POTS), a Voice over IP setup, or a robust Wi-Fi network capable of supporting Skype or video conferencing, our experts will transport it, set-it up, and configure it to meet your needs in your new location.

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Keep the Backbone of Your Business Strong During Your Move.

Save money and time with a voice and data analysis and Wi-Fi assessment.