WAN Bandwidth Utilization & Application Performance Assessment

The lack of visibility of current WAN bandwidth utilization can pose many issues for the IT Infrastructure Manager. Not knowing what your users are doing or where they are going on the internet can be problematic for a variety of reasons.

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    Wide Area Network Assessment

    Several factors that can contribute to the abuse of internet access and prove to be counter-productive to your organization’s best interests:

    • Lack of bandwidth for business use
    • Excessive unauthorized use
    • Security risks posed by poor judgment or a lack of discretion on behalf of users
    • Absence of sound internet usage policies

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    Wide Area Network Design

    Here at Starnet, improving performance and enhancing security are major points of pride. Our methodology involves installing a collector of data on a mirrored port in the customer’s core network environment (non-disruptive to ongoing operations) for a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

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    Wide Area Network Optimization

    Understanding who is doing what and when are the first steps in improving WAN performance and security. Our experienced team of engineers can deploy a number of tools to help our customers better understand how their WAN bandwidth is being utilized and what steps can be taken to address the issues.

Something Going On With The WAN?

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