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What to Look for in an IT Relocation Services Company –Part 1

IT Relocation Services

Your business is growing and you need to move to another location–a new office or a bigger office, and you realize that moving your servers and workstations is not as simple as packing them away in static proof bags and cartons. You realize that you need an IT relocation services company. But what do you look for? How do you know that this company can be trusted with your critical—not to mention, expensive—IT infrastructure?


IT Relocation Services Los Angeles

Here are several qualities that a good IT relocation services company will have:

Experience with IT Equipment

You do not want to trust this equipment to your average office furniture moving operation. IT has very specific requirements to make sure that it transitions to the new location undamaged and ready to run. Ideally this company also understands how to set up and test the equipment to make sure that it is up and operating with minimal downtime.

Extensive Planning and Preparation Know-How

Relocating technology requires more than a simple office furniture layout. It requires a comprehensive assessment of where the data center should reside within the building, the locations of network drops, printers, copiers and more, and the best sites for wireless access points within the office.

IT equipment needs space, adequate power and proper temperature controls in order for it to work efficiently, and these things all require planning–especially when relocating a data center.

Experience Coordinating with Other Organizations

A solid IT relocation services company works with the other organizations involved in your move to assure an easy transition. They coordinate with your new building manager, the construction crews setting up your office, the utility companies and service providers to make sure that everything is in place and ready to go when needed.

This is the end of part one in our series on What to Look for in an IT Relocation Services Company. Tune in next month for part two.

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