IT Relocation Services for Mesa Arizona

What to Look for in an IT Relocation Services Company –Part 2

IT Relocation Services

Last month, we covered some of the qualities to look for in an excellent IT relocation services company. If you missed it, check out part 1 of What to Look for in an IT Relocation Services Company here.

Here are some additional qualities that a good IT relocation services company will have:

Experience Setting Up Phone and Video Conferencing Services

The network and physical IT workstations are only part of the relocation process. You need to think about voice and data relocation services as well. Whether you use a standard phone service (POTS) system, voice over IP, or a robust Wi-Fi network capable of supporting Skype or video conferencing, you need experts who know how to install it and configure it for the new location. This involves careful planning and placement of voice and data assets before the move, as well as equipment set-up and configuration after the move.

IT Relocation Services for Mesa Arizona

Careful Packing and Shipping of IT Equipment

IT assets are sensitive and require special care when transporting them to make sure that they are immobilized and protected against weight shifts, bumps during transport, and other hazards during a move. Sensitive electronics need to be packed in anti-static packaging.

Insurance Against Accident and Damage

A good IT relocation services company also carries comprehensive insurance to protect you from unforeseen accidents and damages that occur as a result of the move.

Detailed Plan for Unpacking, Setup and Testing at the New Site

An excellent IT relocation services company has a comprehensive plan in place for the proper placement of all IT assets and office equipment, as well as processes in place to set-up, install, configure and test the equipment at the new location. This company must be good at troubleshooting when the inevitable issues arise with connectivity, installation and proper configuration at the new location.

Need an IT Relocation Services Company in the Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona Area?

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