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Hey Network Security Vendors – You’re Missing Something


I’ve never really spent any time in Miami Beach so I was looking forward to the Juniper International Partner Conference the first time I attended it there.

Just sat through 2 days of briefings and presentations from some very talented, intelligent and articulate Juniper executives discussing Juniper’s network security vision and the strategy to execute that vision.

I heard that protecting the enterprise network perimeter is almost impossible because most enterprises don’t even know what their perimeter actually looks like.

I heard that network security was everyone’s responsibility in the enterprise, not just IT. (Though there were no details as to what this meant.)

I heard that Internet Service Providers need to step up because all attacks, intrusions and hacks are delivered across their networks.

I heard that the fastest growing threat to enterprise network security is the Android operating system and the malware associated with it.

Network Security Solutions Los Angeles, CA – Juniper Networks

I heard that network security must not only be deployed at ‘enforcement points’, but needs to be embedded across the entire network infrastructure in switches and routers, and not just on security devices. (Might Juniper be moving in this direction?)

And I heard that security analytics need to ‘curated,’ telemetry needs to be sharpened and enforcement needs to be automated.

And despite all the network security solutions that the industry can offer Enterprises, they were still SOL (the bad kind) because the bad guys are continuing to find the ways and means to get through your defenses, to get inside your network and to get your data.

But there is one thing I didn’t hear in Miami at that time and that ‘silence’ rang in my head during the rest of the conference.

It’s a well understood fact that the vast majority of network security breaches are the result of ‘good people innocently doing bad things.’

Assuming this to be true, it dawned on me that what I did not hear from Juniper, nor have I heard from any other network security vendor, is an offering designed to train the employees and the contractors of the Enterprise to be SOL (Safe On Line).

As I’m thinking this through I have the thought that if I called the shots at Juniper, I would buy one of the many emerging social engineering firms that are delivering SOL training.

If I were calling the shots at Juniper, I would show my customers that I truly care about their security and give this online training away ABSOLUTELY FREE to any organization that bought a switch or a router or a firewall from us, and demonstrate a level of commitment to our customer’s network security that no other network security vendor in the industry is doing.

I’d make it a point to let you know that if you would commit to being a Juniper customer, I would commit to helping you train your users to be better informed and better equipped to help your organization more strongly defend your network and protect your data.

You know if Juniper isn’t up for this gesture… maybe Starnet is.

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