Wi-Fi Network Performance, Capacity & Security Assessment

Over the past few years Wi-Fi Networking has evolved to the point where, without the right design and components, it’s impossible to deliver the level of wireless networking performance demanded by your users nor the degree of wireless networking security expected by your management.

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    Wi-Fi Network Assessment

    Starnet has the tools and expertise to perform comprehensive wireless network assessments to help improve performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Whether the requirement is for indoor Wi-Fi, outdoor Wi-Fi, or a combination of both, we can help your organization improve and optimize your customer and employee wireless networking experience.

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    Wi-Fi Network Design

    Efficient Wi-Fi network design requires years of experience. Starnet has been performing designs using Xirrus technology for almost 8 years now. We know what it takes to design and deploy a high-performing and secure Wi-Fi network.

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    Wi-Fi Network Optimization

    As a Xirrus ‘Premier’ Partner, we offer Wi-Fi architecture that allows you to easily adapt to the exponential growth of devices and applications on your wireless network. And we know where the trouble spots are and how to remediate them.

Is Your Wi-Fi Performance Not What It Needs To Be?

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